Tips for working freelance as a cook (AKA what our clients want when they book a cook):

Tips for working freelance as a cook (AKA what our clients want when they book a cook):

We are so lucky at Sugarella to have some of the best freelance chefs in the business on our books. We’ve put together a list of tips for new or fledgling freelancers on how to be a successful self-employed chef.

How to be a better private chef

How to be a better private chef

You can boil, bake and fry your way around a kitchen standing on your head, blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back. Your menus are inventive and fresh, and there are no tough joints, soggy bottoms or burnt buns on your watch. In short you are cooking on gas (or Aga, if need be). But there’s more to be being a private chef than just being a culinary whizz kid. Here, we tell you how to improve on excellent…

Looking for cooks, chefs and extra pairs of hands

I set Sugarella Cooks up just over a year ago and we have had a brilliant year, with word spreading fast about my services.

I have lots of fantastic jobs, in particular for newly qualified cooks or second jobbers in London. If you are interested in registering with me, at the moment I am really interested in anyone looking for a permanent job in London or working at Christmas or in the Alps for the ski season!

In order to register with us, there are a few steps:

1. Send us your cv to

2. We will give you a telephone call if we think we can help you

3. We will ask for at least 2 references from the most recent people you have been cooking for, and references from any longer term jobs you have had

4. We will arrange a meeting with you to speak face to face and find out more about you. This is usually in a friendly coffee shop in London and more of an informal chat to get to know each other

5. We help to find you a job

Look forward to hearing from you all!