Looking for cooks, chefs and extra pairs of hands

I set Sugarella Cooks up just over a year ago and we have had a brilliant year, with word spreading fast about my services.

I have lots of fantastic jobs, in particular for newly qualified cooks or second jobbers in London. If you are interested in registering with me, at the moment I am really interested in anyone looking for a permanent job in London or working at Christmas or in the Alps for the ski season!

In order to register with us, there are a few steps:

1. Send us your cv to cv@sugarellacooks.co.uk

2. We will give you a telephone call if we think we can help you

3. We will ask for at least 2 references from the most recent people you have been cooking for, and references from any longer term jobs you have had

4. We will arrange a meeting with you to speak face to face and find out more about you. This is usually in a friendly coffee shop in London and more of an informal chat to get to know each other

5. We help to find you a job

Look forward to hearing from you all!