Keep it clean, chefs, keep it clean!

We know that the best part about cooking is losing yourself in the process: ingredients, timings, temperatures, presentation, praise.


While making a mess in the kitchen might be par for the course for some cooks, cleaning up properly is essential for all. Here are our top dos and don’ts when it comes to cleaning up after yourselves:

DO empty bins all the time, but especially at the end of the night. Overflowing bins are not OK in any kitchen.

DON’T put packaging that contained fish into indoor bins.

DO follow house rules when it comes to recycling.

DON’T assume it’s fine to leave the kitchen in an unholy state when you are going on even a short break.

DO clean ovens as much as possible to avoid unpleasant smells.

DO obsessively wipe down surfaces and polish granite worktops.

DO wash up as you go. We know it’s blooming hard to do this – but if you can master this feat of multitasking you and the client will be a whole lot calmer as a result. 

DON’T leave manky tea towels or oven gloves to fester after your work is done. Find the laundry basket/room/pile instead!

DO wear a clean apron or whites for every single shift/service/meal. No chef should be filthy before they’ve even put the stock on the boil!

DON’T wear nail varnish.

DO remember most kitchens now are open plan so clients can usually see everything.

DO ensure you’ve left a clean and tidy fridge behind. No thanks to any unidentified liquids dripping from top shelves or blobs of sauces congealing in the salad crisper.

DO leave kitchens in a better state than when you arrived.