Why it pays for private chefs to work over Christmas

We know, we know. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year: twinkling lights, enough food to comatose an army of men, flowing mulled wine. But there are huge benefits for private chefs who choose to work the festive season, which makes mince pie abstinence less painful. Below are Sugarella’s top reasons to roll up your sleeves this December.

1.       MONEY! And lots of it. You can earn between £350 and £600 a day (depending on your experience) on 25/26 December.

2.       Happy clients. Everyone is happy on Christmas day, especially if someone else is in charge of the grub, so the atmosphere is almost certainly jolly.

3.       Christmas lunches are not nearly as hard as people make out. It’s all in the preparation. If you make a mean roast, turkey and trimmings is easy-peasy.

4.       Sugarella has a few jobs for two people, so cooks can take friend/husband/sister/cousin – so you aren’t completely without family over Christmas.

5.       Make money instead of spending it. Is anything more satisfying?

6.       January through to March is very quiet in catering, so we advise people to earn their money in December as you might not pick up much for the following months.

7.       Food budgets are vast at Christmas and clients usually say “to hell” with diets, calories and embrace fats and sugars. In short, you’ll have barely any restrictions.

8.       Clients tend to tip BIG at Christmas, particularly as you have saved them from sweating in the kitchen.