Private Chef Job Description - what you should expect when you book a cook.

Our clients often ask what they should expect of a chef when they book a cook. This guideline would be for temporary or permanent private chefs. All jobs will vary depending on the size of household, if there are other staff and the level of cook/chef the clients are looking for, but we always try to be as clear as we are able to be when getting our job briefs from clients. We always expect our chefs and cooks to have a flexible attitude and they must be able to get on well in a team with a friendly disposition.

Private Chef Job Description

·         Menu Planning

·         Food shopping and ordering

·         Food preparation

·         Using local seasonal produce wherever possible & avoiding food waste

  • Keeping up to date with modern food trends and catering to the likes and dislikes of the client

  • Remaining discreet at all times

·         Catering for all meal requirements for the family and their guests

·         Catering for all dietary requirements where requested

·         Catering for any special extras such as celebration cakes, large parties (within reason)

·         Keeping control of all food and kitchen related items

·         Keeping food stock cupboards clean and organised at all times

·         Keeping all kitchen equipment clean (eg oven, food processors, BBQ & utensils etc)

·         Cleaning the kitchen – fridges, worktops, loading and emptying dishwasher, sink and maintaining good hygiene at all times

·         Removing rubbish at the end of each day / control of recycling to be controlled

·         Hoovering and mopping floors in kitchen area

·         Reporting any kitchen maintenance issues and ensuring the task is carried out (eg. If the oven is faulty/sink blocked/light bulbs missing etc).

·         To work with other household staff as a team – if the house is fully staffed with housekeepers, butlers, gardeners – the chef must be able to work well with them

·         If the chef has been briefed that the job includes laying tables, serving, clearing etc then the chef must be prepared to do this. However, Sugarella Cooks advises clients that if chefs are expected to cook to a high standard, they will not be able to lay tables, serve or clear the food and a waiter/waitress/host should be provided for this.

The above list can change from time to time as in any private household things can change and unexpected tasks will occur. The chef should be flexible to help in whatever way required in order to satisfy the client, within reason.

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