What you can expect when you book a cook...

Our clients often ask what they can expect a cook to do, particularly if they have never booked one before. The truth is, it can vary. It depends on the length of the job, the numbers, the requirements and demands. However, in brief, you should expect the following:-

  1. Menu Planning. The cook will send over menu suggestions based on your diet requirements / requests after an initial discussion with you (of course, you can have as much or as little input as you like)
  2. Shopping. The cook will do all the shopping for the meals they are preparing, unless you have a particular preference to do it yourself. If you have a well stocked dry goods cupboard or a fabulous vegetable garden, let the cook know what you already have in stock to avoid wastage.
  3. Prepping. The cook will do all the prepping, and cooking.
  4. Serving and clearing. If it is a fairly informal/relaxed environment with no more than 7 adults, the cook will usually help out with clearing and serving tables. However, it is always helpful if the guests help take plates to the table/stack plates/load the dishwasher.
  5. Any more than 7 adults - you need to get a helper to do the serving and clearing. If your event is particularly formal, however big or small the numbers, the chef cannot produce beautiful individually plated food AND bring it to the table, so will need a hand.
  6. Washing Up. The cook will do all their washing up, and keep the kitchen clean and tidy.
  7. Driving. Most of our cooks drive, and have their own car. This means they will drive to the shops to get the ingredients themselves. Please be aware, you will be required to cover their travel at 45p a mile.
  8. Drinks. A cook is not responsible for serving you any drinks. If they are not busy, they may be happy to do this if asked, but do not expect it as one of their duties as they need all the time they have at the stove to do the cooking they have been asked to produce.
  9. Sitting at the table. Most of our cooks prefer not to sit at the table as they are busy in the kitchen. Cooking is their career and they are 'at work' and are likely to want to get the kitchen clean and tidy/prep for the next meal/course. However, if you particularly want them to sit with you, it never hurts to ask, but it is certainly not necessary.
  10. Tips. These are never expected, but if you feel your cook has done a particularly good job, they are always very much appreciated.

If you would like to book a cook, please contact us today.