How to Book a Cook

We try to make booking a cook as hassle-free as can be, while understanding that this is an important decision for our clients. This is how to book a cook with Sugarella:

1. Get in touch!

We won’t hold you to anything if you change your mind after a speculative chat.

2. Tell us exactly what you want

It doesn’t matter how outlandish or extraordinary. We’d always rather know early on if you have any particular foibles or food fetishes. Vegan food, offal delicacies or confectionary shaped like woodland animals: ask and it shall be done. Don’t ask, and you run the risk of being disappointed.

3. The right match

We will always only match you with people we truly think are suitable for your needs. You won’t be inundated by candidates – you’ll pick between two or three.

4. The Cook

We’ll send you pictures of their food, their references and a link to their dedicated websites. It is worth noting that unlike many other agencies, who use Skype and telephone for interviewing their cooks, Ella has met all of her cooks in person. She interviews each and every one of them for around an hour so she is confident about who they are and what they can do.

5. Speak to the Cook

If you like what you see, pick your own kitchen hero and you can arrange to either meet them or have a chat on the telephone. Here you can discuss your menu requirements and how you see the job working.

6. Book a Cook  

If you’re happy with all you have seen and heard, you can go ahead and book.

7.  Sugarella is here to help

Throughout the job, you will have the safety net of Sugarella who will support you and the cook throughout the booking.

8.  Relax!

Start thinking about placements, playlists and parlour games, because your job is to enjoy entertaining while your cook serves up a sumptuous feast!