Six Brilliant Things About Being A Private Chef

1. You get to travel

From remote Cornish farmhouses to Belgravia townhouses, yachts in Antigua to villas in Corfu, private chefs tend to get about a bit! Naturally, much of the day will be spent cooking and baking in a kitchen, but free time will be dedicated to exploring a new place.

2. No job is the same

Each client will have a completely different approach to meals and menus. This gives private chefs the opportunity to flex their culinary muscles and show off what they can do, again and again. There’s no scope for getting bored or comfortable. A good cook will see ‘tricky eaters’ as a challenge and a chance to show how flexible and skilled they are.

3. You hone your people skills

Working for different clients all the time means one has to be warm, agreeable, confident, adaptable, flexible and enthusiastic – even if these qualities don’t come naturally. However, practise makes perfect and a seasoned private chef will know how to handle clients in such a way as to forge a professional, respectful relationship.

4. You’ll get to stay in some mega houses

Not always, but often, your digs will be in the kind of properties only found in your wildest Pinterest dreams. And you’ll be paid to stay there! Result!

5. You’ll meet brilliant people from all walks of life

Each client has a new story. And while we know your job is not to forge a friendship, and discretion is an essential requisite for a private chef, the simple fact of meeting new people with each and every job keeps things fresh, exciting and fun.

6. Your CV will be epic

Moving around means an ever-changing brief. An ever-changing brief means plenty of opportunity for private chefs to make new and exciting food all the time. Your CV will be an employer’s dream.

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