Eight Dishes All Private Chefs Should Know Off By Heart

You might have mastered a mean consommé or baked a knock-out prinsesstårta with your eyes closed, but it’s more important for private chefs to be able to perfectly execute the staple dishes and the family favourites. We list eight dishes all private chefs should know:

1.      Poached eggs

Often guests staying at private houses try their luck and ask for poached eggs because they are difficult to make and because anyone can cobble together scrambled…

2.      Hollandaise, Bearnaise and mayonnaise sauces

A staple for breakfasts and as part of summer lunches, these need to be perfect: nothing turns one’s stomach like a poorly-prepared ‘aise.

3.      Scotch Eggs

Another eggy one: the Scotch egg. An absolute winner for picnic lunches and canapes. You will never have leftover homemade Scotch eggs. Fact.

4.      Bolognaise

Essential for kid’s meals. Most people can make a Bolognese, of sorts, but yours should be off the charts and remind people why ‘cooking’ from readymade jars is just a bit of a shame.

5.      Victoria Sponge

Baking is par for the course when you’re a private chef. A delectable teatime delight, this cake should be light, airy, sweet and moreish. 

6.      Brownies

These are a sugary staple: ideal as a pudding for adults and children alike, but equally good the following day, as part of packed lunches and snacks.

7.      Risotto

Although a good risotto takes time, patience and practise, it is comforting, filling and popular.

8.      Meringues

Difficult to master, a decent meringue is its own reward. Endlessly versatile, these sugary, eggy treats are key to all sorts of puddings: from pavlovas to pies.