Freelance Chef with experience in French/Japanese cuisines required 1 day a week - Knightsbridge

A chef with extensive experience in French and/or Japanese food, as well as being able to cater to strict diet requirements is required for a couple in Knightsbridge once a week.

You would cook in the clients home and should be able to commit to one set day a week being aware that some weeks they may not require you as they also travel (minimum of 2 weeks notice will be given to the chef). You must be able to cook in their kitchen - this is not a drop off job.

The family would like the chef to present a plated evening meal (family style) and then prepare food for the fridge which should be left in the fridge/freezer in boxes as appropriate.

You should be able to commit to work 8 hours per day once a week. £200 for the 8 hours, plus the cost of ingredients paid on top.

It is really important you are a committed FREELANCE CHEF with other regular London work as this is not suitable for someone who is travelling and away alot and wanting to switch days/cancel days etc because they get something else. It is important you are settled in London and able to commit.

The client is French and loves French and Japanese food, his wife has various diet requirements which include:

  • No gluten

  • No grain

  • No dairy (Organic Lacto-free milk only)

  • No sugar or sweetneers (Stevia only)

  • No fat

  • No beans (Except organic black beans – half can portion)

  • No red meat or pork

  • No spices in a jar

  • No cans, jars or bottles of anything unless authorised

  • No starchy vegetables

  • No asparagus, peas, polenta, corn, aubergine

You must be able to work around these requirements. The main client has no diet requirements, so the chef would have to cook two separate dishes for them.

If you are interested, please send an e mail to with your CV, your experience in French/Japanese food, menus based on French/Japanese food and menus based on the dietary requirements above. Please also send photos of your food/link to website/instagram. You should be available to trial and then commit ASAP.