Cook/Housekeeper - Lommel, Belgium - 1st June to 15th September 2018

£2000 a month net.

A capable cook/housekeeper is required for a family in Belgium this summer. The family tend to visit the property from Thursdays/Fridays - Sundays/Mondays. During the month of August they will be there on a more full time basis as they are on holiday.

You must have a driving licence as you will be given a car to use for the shopping. Cooking should be of good quality, but it does not need to be top standard. Someone who has done a ski season as a chalet cook/host would be ideal. You should be a flexible, energetic person who is able to make lovely salads, buffet style dishes, family food, light and fresh, but also capable of cooking to a slightly more refined standard when they have dinner parties. They enjoy lots of vegetables and light grilled fish or meat. Nothing too complicated!

The house is 5 bedrooms and you will be required to keep this clean, including all cleaning and laundry. When there are the busy periods when they are there all the time, they will bring in local help to assist with the cleaning.

Between 1-15 August the guests will be stalking and during this period they will require more formal dinners for up to about 8 guests, but really nothing overly fancy - just must be plated food. You should be able to enjoy being in the area and making use of the local ingredients.

It is great if you speak French, but if not, English only is fine.

As they are away during the week, you have time to do the cleaning/changeover then. You will be given a full calendar of the dates as to when they are in and out of residence well in advance.

Accommodation is provided in the house - own room and bathroom.

£2000 net per month (take home salary). Return flights covered.

If interested please e mail