Part Time chef - 2 afternoons a week (Tuesday & Friday) - London - to start January 2019

A family of 5 based in St. John’s Wood, London are looking for a part time chef twice a week. 

To start ASAP.

Days and hours required: Tuesday and Friday. To start at 2pm -7 pm or to leave when everything is done. Minimum 5 hour shifts.

The family are not vegetarians but would like to increase their fish and vegetable intake. Kids - The older twins are a bit more adventurous than the youngest son and have started eating more varied food with a bit more spice but the youngest son likes pasta and pizza (and does not like cheese). Adults -  eat everything and tend to eat a variety of cuisines - Thai, Lebanese, Italian, Asian, Japanese, etc. It would be good if they could perhaps have some Ottolenghi style salads/meals.

They would like to avoid processed meats and food. They’re not keen on pasta bakes or anything too stodgy or too many stews.

Their weekly shop is from Waitrose and Marks and Spencer’s. They also sometimes buy fish from the fishmongers down the road. The cook should do the shopping.

The mother currently cooks separate meals for the 3 children (aged between 6 and 9) as they eat earlier than them. She would therefore like separate dinners for them and the adults to be prepared and  a couple of meals (kids and adults) to be left for the fridge/freezer. The cook does not need to stay and serve but if the cook is around when the kids eat their dinner, it would be helpful if they could be served. They are a casual household. 

The family tend to be away during the school holidays and will be away for most of August, and in these times the cook is not required.

Well equipped kitchen and the cook can cook in the clients home.

Chef must be freelance and invoice the client direct.

Please only apply if you are FULLY committed to working as a freelance private chef in London, are available on the days specified and can be flexible to not work for the family when they go away etc - you should have other part time or freelance jobs / interests. However you must be able to commit to the family even during busy freelance months. This is NOT just a job to get you through January and February.

To apply you must: have a good portfolio of photos of your food or an Instagram account with food pictures ONLY. You must also be able to provide at least two references (verbal) from previous recent private household employers.

If interested please email for more information.