Assistant Chef - Private Household - Experience Required - Beginning of March for approx 6 weeks

We are looking for a very hard working and committed assistant Sous Chef for a private client based in London to start beginning of March.

The clients are arriving in residence early March and the head chef will require help for the duration of between 4-6 weeks. The leave date is not confirmed, and could be longer or shorter. Days and hours are long working 10am-7pm or 10am-10pm (being 9-12 hour shifts with a break in between). You will also likely be working every day during this period. We appreciate this is a long stint, but the clients are only in residence once a year and they therefore require the chefs to be on call during this time and this is the requirement.

You will be assisting the head chef with meals cooked to order for the clients, and staff meals. You will work in shifts with the other chefs as the clients must have a chef on call 24/7 when in residence. 

This is a very good opportunity for a chef to get a good stint of private household work on their CV in a very demanding household. You must not be afraid of long hours and hard work, and must be able to commit to the stint, which does include weekends.

Salary of £15/hour to be invoiced directly to the client. You are paid for all the hours you are in residence (including your break times).

You should be competent and have previous kitchen experience and should be quick and adaptable. The kitchen is a heavy male dominated environment, so the chef should be prepared to work in this type of scenario and have a bit of back bone.

If interested, please e mail