Why be a private chef? When our clients book a cook, what's in it for you?

1.      Once you’ve established client’s tastes, you can be in charge of your menus and the order of the kitchen. You’ll also work out your own budgets and quantities. This level of responsibility is a hugely important and exciting part of any chef’s career.

2.      You’ll never, ever be bored again. Meet exciting families, with busy schedules and high demands. This means you’ll get to flex all of your chef muscles and perform to your best.

3.      The kitchens. The actual kitchens! Our clients most often have stunningly beautiful kitchens to work in.

4.      Travel the world. Many of our clients want to take their chefs with them wherever they go. So, on your days off you’ll be travelling the world – and being paid for it.

5.      Massively improve your CV. Having references from exacting clients is invaluable for any chef.

6.      Don’t panic if you’re just at the start of your career and the lofty heights of private cheffing seem a long way off. Anything worth having doesn’t come easily. Keep chipping away!