What really helps Sugarella to book a cook… the Dos and Don’ts for cooks and chefs:

1.    Do make sure that you can fulfil ALL of the requirements of a job spec, including specific dates before you apply. We state details on our listings because they are crucial and almost always non-negotiable.

2.    Do take good-quality pictures of your food. We are frequently asked to see photos of chefs’ food, so having a portfolio is essential. 

3.    Don’t forget to include up-to-date references within your portfolio. Unfortunately, if you cannot provide these we cannot put you forward for any jobs.

4.    Don’t mix business with pleasure when it comes to social media. Keep your professional accounts and your personal accounts separate. Your professional account should only feature food cooked by you – and should never feature personal activities or interests. Clients often search for cooks on Instagram so it’s important that your account showcases a professional profile.

5.    Do keep in touch to let us know your availability. If we don’t hear from you, we assume you are no longer looking for work.

6.    Do remember to keep looking at our Jobs page – and spread the word if you can’t do a job but you think you know just the person who can…

Thanks so much to all of our chefs who continue to do us proud with hard work and reliability. We’re so grateful!