What Sugarella looks for to book a cook...

The catering world is not a simple place to navigate, largely because private clients all have very different needs. One minute we’ll be looking for a junior cook who can make simple suppers and sandwiches for a bucket-and-spade holiday in Salcombe, and the next we’re on the hunt for a world-class chef to work in an exclusive villa for the summer. Or we might need a dynamic host for a weekend party or a cook who specialises in vegan meals.

Whatever your experience, ability and availability it’s likely we’ll have something to suit you, so please do get in touch and introduce yourself!

What Sugarella needs:

1.      People with plenty of experience: professional chefs with a CV to match

2.      People with little experience but plenty of enthusiasm and interest in food – and a desire to learn.

3.      People who want to globetrot, who are happy living out of a suitcase and enjoy new places and faces.

4.      People who want to work somewhere permanently and are in it for the long-haul.

5.      People who can create gourmet delicacies that would please diners who regularly enjoy Michelin-starred restaurants.

6.      People who are dab-hands at good, honest home-cooking.

7.      People who are focused on making very healthy food including\ vegan or vegetarian meals.

8.      Bakers of cakes for all occasions.

9.      Hosts and hostesses to welcome guests and serve them drinks.

10.     Smiley, happy, positive, flexible, hard working people who will not let us down!

If you are interested in working with us, please e mail ella@sugarellacooks.co.uk